Mosaica: The importance of a single source company

In today's day and age the desire and importance of eliminating unnecessary hiccups and finger pointing when following the work flow of a supply chain are greater than ever. With a major boom in construction of high density developments in the marketplace, a General Contractor not only has multiple projects to worry about but is often dealing with a dozen or more different trades at the same time all while trying to adhere to a strict schedule for buildout and delivery. Enter Mosaica. A local, owners-operated, single source company for the supply, delivery and installation of hard surface countertop materials. Mosaica is currently working with some the largest development companies with a Minnesota presence providing them with a true "one-stop" option for their granite, marble and quartz countertop requirements. Owners Cory Sullivan and Jay Mahaffey are involved in all daily activities for each and every project that Mosaica works on. From planning and specifications meetings to factory visits overseas, post production product inspections, ocean vessel tracking, warehouse visits, OTR trucking transportation to final delivery and installation, you will be sure to see one if not both of the companies owners on-site working side by side with their team of talented stone masons. The advantages and benefits of a single source company like Mosaica not only adds value but a single source of accountability for your site supervisor. Consider Mosaica for your next project and experience first hand "the importance of working with a single source company".