MOSAICA HardSurface featured in Omni Cubed Insider publication

MOSAICA HardSurface started using Omni Cubed equipment more than three years ago making them one of the first granite installation companies in Minnesota to do so. After having transported hundreds of thousands of pounds of granite countertops using the Omni Pro Dolly and AT1 carts, Mosaica was excited to find out that it was the featured testimonial for the July, 2015 edition of Omni Cubed Insider. Once again proving the power of networking, Mosaica HardSurface was more than happy to share with current and potential users of Omni's equipment their first hand experiences in how the carts helped save their company both time and money by working smarter not harder . In return MOSAICA HardSurface gains some national exposure by being seen by all of the Omni Insider subscribers across the country.