Mosaica HardSurface selected for Green on Fourth project

Prospect Park Properties has teamed up with Timberland Partners to create Green on 4th. General Contractor, Frana Companies will construct Green on 4th and it will consist of 243 total apartments, with a mix of market-rate and affordable units. It is located adjacent to the 29th Avenue Green Line Station and the Rise project, and shares its block with the district stormwater bio-filtration system as well as over half an acre of future park land. The project design will be cohesive with the enhanced features of the Green 4th Street Initiative, will tie directly into shared district systems, promote active and healthy urban living, enhance and engage the public realm, and raise the standard of sustainable development in the area. Mosaica HardSurface will supply, fabricate and provide Union installation for the project starting in late 2018.


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