Vintage on Selby project containers at Sea

Mosaica HardSurface is currently importing three (3) containers of prefabricated granite across the Pacific Ocean for the recently awarded Vintage on Selby project in Saint Paul, MN. Weighing in at over 57.5 tons or 115,000 lbs, this freight will travel by ship, rail and truck before it lands at it's final destination. The shipping vessel, the Faust, has already had to anchor down three separate times due to typhoons Linfa, Chan-Hom and Nangka. Mosaica HardSurface works daily with their shipping agent in an effort to real-time track the cargo keeping their clients in the know as to any potential adjustments to ETA's. It's Mosaica's strong strategic partnerships with both factory and logistics which allow for them to continually bring in large volumes of material in a timely fashion and always in tact. Developers and General Contractors enjoy the benefits of dealing with one single company, Mosaica HardSurface, to source, supply, fabricate and install their projects.